Cornerstone of Inner Strength

Living your life as an empowered person often requires first building a solid foundation of inner strength and stability. If you lack the qualities of courage and resiliency, you are virtually guaranteed to have a hard time dealing with challenges, struggle to interact productively with others and wage a constant battle with fear, anxiety and insecurity.

A strong core of inner strength and confidence gives you the power to handle challenges and overcome adversity in all forms, simply because you feel secure in the belief that you are bigger and stronger than any difficulty you may face.

But how do you build this kind of inner strength? What makes a person truly empowered?

There are four cornerstones of inner strength from which genuine empowerment comes:

Strength of Mind

A strong mental state helps you to get crystal clear about what you want, provides the focus and determination to make it happen, and reinforces your belief in yourself and your capabilities.

Do you usually struggle to feel confident and sure of yourself? Are you still trying to figure out who you are and what you really want out of life? Even if you know what you want, do you have a clear plan for making it happen? Are your thoughts frequently overrun by negativity and doubt? Do you struggle with limited expectations and beliefs? Are you afraid that you’re not strong or smart enough to succeed?

In order to develop true strength of mind, begin sharpening your focus and turning limiting thoughts into empowering ones. Remember that your self-image determines who you become in life, and you will always be limited until you decide to change the way you think about yourself, your life, and even your long-term potential. Strengthening your focus, transforming limiting beliefs and eliminating any destructive habits should be your highest priorities if you want to become one of those people who are driven, focused and successful.

Strength of Feeling

You wouldn’t think that emotions have much power over your life, but they usually determine how flexible you are, your ability to bounce back from adversity, and even how you feel about yourself and your life experiences. Without emotional strength, you feel weak and constantly at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

To determine how strong your emotional state is, consider first how well you handle stress. When something negative happens, do you take it personally and feel victimized? Do you take other people’s comments to heart and allow them to drag you down? Do confrontation and conflict frighten you? Do you have trouble asserting yourself?

These are all signs of a shaky emotional foundation! True strength of emotion provides a centered, strong inner core that keeps you steady no matter what type of challenges or adversity you face. Rather than folding under pressure or negativity, you are able to bend and flow with life’s challenges, and bounce back quickly from disappointments. How do you develop this strength of feeling?

One of the best and simplest places to start is by expressing self-love every day. You can do this both mentally and verbally, being sure to engage your emotions and direct feelings of love, tenderness and affection toward yourself. At the same time, practice detaching from emotionally charged influences in your daily experiences. Rather than taking them to heart, you can become better balanced by refusing to dwell on upsetting incidents or conflicts. Last but not least, you’ll want to examine emotionally-charged beliefs that continue to control your life. These beliefs may include things like believing that you are worthless or lacking talent or potential, or anything else that diminishes your self-image. The sooner you address these beliefs, the sooner you’ll begin feeling stronger and more emotionally balanced.

Strength of Spirit

Being strong in spirit doesn’t refer to your religious beliefs but rather your inner connection to your spiritual center.

Do you make time for spiritual practices each day, or at least regularly? Do you believe your life is meaningful, has purpose and is guided by a greater power? It doesn’t matter what name you may call that greater power (or whether you have a name for it at all), but rather that you see yourself as more than just a physical being.

This may not seem important as far as empowerment goes, but a strong inner connection and spiritual belief system can make all the difference between feeling empty and alone or loved and supported. Good ways to strengthen your spiritual self are through meditation, prayer, visualization, or even spending time in nature. By doing so, you will not only feel more connected to the universe, but also to your inner self and others in your life.

Strength of Body

When you think of empowerment, you probably wouldn’t consider physical strength as an important component, but it’s vital! For one thing, when you’re strong physically you carry yourself completely differently than you do when you’re feeling weak and overwhelmed. Feeling strong physically also makes you feel empowered in other ways too, like those described above.

Take a few moments to consider your physical state right now. Are you fit and healthy? Do you eat right and exercise regularly? Is your posture straight and strong? Do you hold your chin high and make eye contact when speaking with others? If you are lacking in this area, be sure to make it a top priority to get your body into good condition. Treat your body like your most valuable possession, for it is! Strike a healthy balance in all aspects of your health and wellness routine, especially proper nutrition, adequate rest and personal time. The stronger you become physically, the more positive changes you’ll notice in the rest of your life too.

These four cornerstones of strength will support your ability to feel empowered in every aspect of your life, and provide a solid foundation for personal happiness and fulfillment that can transform your life.