Hello World!

My Life is Multiverse!

Who am I? Perhaps this is the only question life really throws at us. Maybe all our scientific endeavors are one way or another, directed at it. Maybe cosmologists trying to understand the origin of the universe, biologists working on evolution or psychologists studying behavior are driven by the same desire to know. Or perhaps I shouldn’t speak for anyone else and only say that for me it is this way. My thoughts pop up the question I am driven to ask when lying in the bath, walking on seaside or in the park, traveling out of town or sitting in meditation. Science and living life is the same thing and require the same commitment and principles but I believe one thing I am the CEO of my life and captain of my destiny, I can navigate my sail like “Christopher Columbus” and explore my world like Vasco Da Gama. I always loaded with big dreams & imaginations because I am built in product of my thoughts and my inner CEO designed global strategy to move forward to interpret my dreams come true.