I am professionally marketer and Innovative, strategic, goal-driven MBA qualified by 7 years of progressive management success in all phases of marketing and brand management, brand activation & promotions, special events, advertising, public relations, and operations in the consumer goods industry. Deep understanding of market needs and consumer behavior. Exceptional leadership, communication, and relationship building skills across all levels of staff, customers, vendors, and business units, multi-lingual & cross cultural knowledge, international business experience, competitive drive for excellence in every endeavor. Basically I am an artist by birth n love mother nature, art, cross-culture, antique, painting, books, digital photography and poetry. Traveling & meeting new people is my passion, fond of good words and wisdom; sharing my thoughts and listening people problem is very common habit in my routine life, I believe in myself and my dreams given by God! “To make a single human platform, to build better world”

I believe in Spirituality:

Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit, a concept closely tied to religious belief and faith, a transcendent reality, or one or more deities. Spiritual matters are thus those matters regarding humankind’s ultimate nature and purpose, not only as material biological organisms, but as beings with a unique relationship to that which is perceived to be beyond both time and the material world.

Spirituality may involve perceiving or wishing to perceive life as more important (“higher”), more complex or more integrated with one’s world view; as contrasted with the merely sensual.



Many spiritual traditions, accordingly, share a common spiritual theme: the “path”, “work”, practice, or tradition of perceiving and internalizing one’s “true” nature and relationship to the rest of existence (God, creation of the universe, or life), and of becoming free of the lesser egoic self (or ego) in favor of being more fully one’s “true” “Self”.